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One particular advantage of Unicon Products is that all translation and software engineering is carried out in-house. Most localization firms contract out translation work to translation houses. This can lead to problems such as mistranslation of technical software terms and discrepancies between menu panels and items described in manuals. Unicon Products performs both translation and software engineering within the company. This eliminates such problems and also provides speedier services with reduced costs.

We have amassed expertise in software and high-volume translation as a translation firm with over 10 years experience in the translation business.

Our staff includes software engineers with translation skills, enabling translation and localization to be performed simultaneously.

Our localization coordinators are experienced in translating and programming, enabling us to incorporate specialist technical expertise from the preparation and management stages of projects.

The efficient localization process greatly reduces man-hours, and speeds up delivery to the client. Our localization costs can be up to half of those for venders or software developers in America or Europe.