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Translate and prepare manuals only and do not localize the software. (In this case, we do not translate the user interface, which is left in the source language.) We can meet clients' requests, such as manual preparation in printed form, HTML, or PDF formats.

Localize only resource files and do not localize help files, which require a large volume of translation. In this case, we translate all interfaces, dialog boxes and error messages. This is appropriate if clients need to cut costs, as the volume of translation for these is not so large.

Translate and localize all help files including links on clickable maps. We naturally ensure consistency of terminology throughout the translation of the manual, resources and help files.

Create installer files and read-me files. Installation notes will also be required if bundled software is included.

We offer estimates for work involving version upgrades of software that we have previously localized based on the revisions required. Although the volume of translation is not very large, since only revisions need be translated, a large amount of editing is involved.

We offer performance testing involving checking items created under a variety of different environments.