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The software localization company, Unicon Products Inc., has launched a new text-debugging service for major European languages. (Jun. 2007)

Multilingual software localization company, Unicon Products Inc. (Head Office: Toshima-Ku, Tokyo/President & CEO Mike Sakamoto), which specializes in the localization of gaming and consumer software, has, based on the experience it has gained on prior projects, launched a text-debugging service for major European languages. This service has been in full swing since May 2007.

Unicon Products has gained a lot of experience through its work on multilingual localization of game software. They have decided to expand their business to offer text-debugging service in FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) due to the huge increase in demand for localization into European languages.

Many developers and publishers face obstacles when it comes to checking in-game text in European languages. It takes a great deal of effort to assemble a team of text-debbugers specializing in these four languages to check the text as they play through the game, and create detailed debug reports. Each language is unique from the others, making it possible only for native speakers to check each language. Unicon Products has a team of text-debuggers who are familiar with video games for each of these languages on standby at all times. In order to proceed with debugging efficiently, it is also vital to have a manager who has experience with text-debugging and is able to effectively manage the individual debuggers through the project. Unicon Products, due to its years of localization experience, has these resources. Unicon Products intends to take on text-debugging projects and offer an effective solution to game developers and publishers.

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