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One of Japan's Largest Team of In-house Translators and Re-writers

With over 15 translators and rewriters in-house at all times, Unicon Products has one of Japan's largest, most efficient translation teams.
Compare this to traditional translation companies, which tend to rely on freelance translators for the bulk of their work, making communication and quality control difficult to manage.
At Unicon Products Inc., common translation difficulties, such as quality control, communication among translators, and inconsistent use of terminology in large-volume projects, are never a problem.

● Program for Consistency of Terminology
At Unicon Products Inc., we have developed and utilized our own original solution for terminology management called the "Words and Glossary Management Program." Through this program, we have eliminated one of the largest translation problems, terminology inconsistency, when translating large-volume projects, and in the process have increased the efficiency of our work.

● Finish Proofreader System
The standard for decent Japanese to English translation is to have a native English rewriter check the Japanese translator's translation, and then to have the translation cross-checked by another in-house translator.
At Unicon Products Inc., we've taken this one step further with our finish proofreader system, where the translator in charge of a particular field performs one additional level of check.
This extra step ensures higher quality and accuracy of translation.

● Japanese to English Translation
At Unicon Products Inc., our specialization is Japanese to English translation, so we have several in-house British and North American editors to provide natural translations in a timely manner at a competitive price.

IT Translation
Experienced programmers and SEs will work on the translation of documents necessary for creating SDK (Software Development Kits) or other applications.

Medical Translation
We also provide medical translation services. With rich human resources specializing in medical science, pharmaceuticals, and chemistry, Unicon Products can efficiently handle all of your medical translation needs.
For first-time orders, large-volume orders, and continuing projects, we offer a free trial translation. (Up to 200 words in English and 400 characters in Japanese.)
At Unicon Products Inc., we encourage you to experience firsthand the quality of our work to ensure that it meets your translation standards.

● Translation Fields

  • Medical Translation
  • Fundamental area studies, clinical studies, presentation scripts, documents, abstracts, Website articles, reports, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical Translation
  • Complete document packages containing new drug developments (pre-clinical trial, clinical trial [Phase I trial - Phase III trial], appended paper), submission under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, marketing, and post-marketing surveillance studies.
  • Other Translations : Manuals for medical equipment, Japanese Pharmacopoeia, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and enforcement ordinances, etc.

Legal Translation
Licensing contracts, joint-venture contracts and, other contract documents.
Business related legal documents such as memorandum and registration transcripts.
Legal documents including court decisions.

Financial Translation
Company prospectuses and other shareholder related documents such as accounts information.

Industrial Translation
Documents concerning the electrical, mechanical, precision instrument, and medical equipment industries.

★Available Languages
Japanese, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Turkish, Greek, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, and Vietnamese

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