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Software localization company, Unicon Products Inc., has launched a new technical writing service. (Apr. 2008)

Multilingual software localization company, Unicon Products Inc. (Head Office: Toshima-Ku, Tokyo/President & CEO Mike Sakamoto), which has specialized in the localization of gaming and consumer software, is now getting into technical writing by offering services such as the creation of instruction manuals and help files in Japanese.

In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of software developed within Japan, resulting in a lack of software engineers. Most companies have been placing priority on development and wish to outsource the creation of help files and instruction manuals to streamline production. The process of creating these documents becomes much easier when using an outsource vendor for the creation of Japanese files and especially when multilingualization is done after the creation of the original Japanese help files and instruction manuals. The time it takes to finish creation and multilingualization are greatly shortened, which is very beneficial to the client.

However, creation of help files requires vast experience and know-how. Unicon Products has hired professionals with abundant experience and established partnerships with several technology companies upon the launching of this new service. As a result, Unicon Products’ range of services has been widened to include the creation of help files and instruction manuals in Japanese, translation, localization, and debugging, making it a potentially very beneficial resource to its clients. Unicon Products has already accepted its first technical writing project from a major manufacturer and intends to expand sales even further in the future.

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