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<May 10, 2013>

Launching Paul Brunton Philosophy in Japanese version

Every day, for more than 900 days, it has been possible to read and/or listen to a new, inspiring text - in 16 languages - by the British philosopher Dr. Paul Brunton (1898 - 1981) on the Swedish website  

The Paul Brunton Foundation in Sweden has taken this initiative in cooperation with partners in Europe, North and South America. 

We are very pleased to inform you that the Daily Note, from now on, also will be available in Japanese - as the first Asian language - thanks to a help of our partner.

You are most welcome to visit the site daily. All the 900 Notes posted so far are still there. The opportunity for millions all over the world to read and/or listen to a new, inspiring text every day in their own language is something quite new for philosophy.

Dr. Paul Brunton (1898 - 1981) was one of the last century´s most dynamic philosophic-spiritual authors. His ten early books awakened millions in the West to the treasures of Asian wisdom. During his last 30 years he sought relative anonymity and compiled extensive notebooks reserved for posthumous publication, dedicated to synthesizing Eastern and Western, ancient and modern approaches to the discovery of the soul. 

The Notebooks of Paul Brunton, a 16 volume veritable gold mine of philosophic-spiritual wisdom, were published 1984 -1989 in the United States. The Daily Notes are selected from more than 34,000 shorter and longer texts on different but related topics in the Notebooks.

East West Journal comments: ”...a simple, straightforward guide to how philosophical insights of East and West can help to create beauty, joy, and meaning in our lives.”

Paul Brunton Stiftelsen, Sweden

Contact in Japanese:                                    Mike Sakamoto



“The Paul Brunton Foundation, Sweden”

ポール・ブラントンの哲学 無料閲覧サイト オープンのお知らせ 

スェーデンのサイトが900日にわたり毎日、イギリスの哲学者ポール・ブラントン(1898 - 1981) の著作を16言語で無料で読み聞かせるサービスを続けてきました。  





その成果が精神世界、霊的世界の類まれなる資産として16巻の著作(英文著作名: The Notebooks)として1984年から1989年の間、アメリカ合衆国において発刊されました。「日々の指針」は、Notebooks34,000の大小の至言から、異なる分野において関連する小文を紹介したものです。

 East West Journal 書評: 私たちの人生でどのようにしたら有意義で幸せに暮らせるか、古今の哲学は生きるのか、ブラントンは簡潔かつ直截的に指針を示している。 


The Paul Brunton Foundation, Sweden

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